Innovative design can make anything lighter

We develop and implement intelligent simulation technologies that allow you to find the optimal balance between weight, performance and cost for your products. Applying simulation technologies upfront in the design process, and allowing them to inform product development activities, means you can meet your performance targets while designing weight out of your product.

Let us show you how.

In the traditional design process, simulation technology is used as a verification tool, but results can be delivered to a program too late to impact the design direction. Instead of attempting to shave material off of an existing design to meet a weight target, we believe in a different approach where CAD and CAE are deployed in parallel.

Applying our optimization technologies at the beginning of the design process and allowing them to inform design direction early enables you to meet your performance targets fast, while using a minimum amount of material. We call this design philosophy  'Simulation Driven Innovation.'

Simulation led design philosophy...

“The foundation of our CO2 strategy is lightweighting and Altair is known the number one knowledgeable organization from a technical standpoint as it relates to lightweighting and optimization.”

John Viera, Global Director, Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters at Ford Motor Company

...utilizing the industry's most advanced optimization solutions...

Altair HyperWorks suite is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software platform that allows businesses to create superior, market-leading products efficiently and cost effectively. HyperWorks offers optimization for both concept studies and design fine-tuning stages of a multi-disciplinary product design cycle. Altair OptiStruct is the award-winning integrated analysis and optimization tool that has concept design and fine-tuning capabilities for structures.

Altair Inspire is a breakthrough in digital product development, delivering simulation-driven design tools in a friendly and intuitive environment. Design engineers and architects use Inspire to generate and explore structurally efficient concepts in the earliest phases of the design process. Inspire generates the ideal shape for a design given the package space, material properties and the loading requirements.

For Designers

For Simulation Specialists

“My business would not exist were it not for Altair. The bicycle frame we now have is amongst the lightest in the world. It is also the stiffest and most comfortable.

Adam Wais, Founder, Rolo Bikes

...backed up by the world's largest team of optimization specialists...

The people that create our industry leading optimization solutions work directly alongside our product development consultants, giving them  an in-depth understanding of the best possible application of the technology that other companies cannot match. The team pioneers the use of the very latest optimization techniques and processes that deliver innovative solutions for our clients' product weight, performance and cost challenges.

Our consultants works across industry, allowing us to use processes and techniques from one industry and apply them to another. As a result, we've taken composite design techniques from the aerospace industry and applied them to passenger vehicles, and optimization processes from automotive and applied them to consumer goods.







Offices  around the world, including the Americas, China, India, Japan and throughout Europe.

More than 800 engineering consultants working across industry verticals.

Over the last 20 years, we've utilized our solutions to conduct more than 1000 optimization projects.

Some of our international optimization specialists meeting
at an internal knowledge sharing event - Sweden 2016


“ So here's a component that people had been trying to take weight out of and it was thought to be highly weight reduced already and 10% weight came right back out. That's almost unheard of.”

Brian Cottrell, Chief of Structures at Honeywell Aerospace

...who create processes that
deliver innovation...

The concept phase of a product development program often fails to deliver mature engineering data to support the program business case. The manufacturer then runs the risk of using immature concept deliverables, which introduces business risk and potential downstream issues in the product development phase,  where the cost to correct issues is at its highest. Altair's C123 process is used to rapidly interrogate design alternatives in the early development stage.

Making simulation a collaborative partner for concept development

...and find the optimum balance of weight, performance and cost.


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